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Concept in English
When you will have made him a body without organs,
then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions
and restored him to his true freedom. 
-Antonin Artaud

Fallen Hong Kong


In “Man Without Organs”, Hong Kong has already fallen.  The protagonist, once a Hong Kong citizen, now an emptied body — Man Without Organs.  Not being able to talk or listen, he explores the ruin by his ability to reproduce memories.

Looking for Buried Memories 

“Man Without Organs” is a 2D detective adventure game. The target of the player is to restore memories buried in the city. The player assumes control of “Man Without Organs”, whose body is hollow inside, on his journey through a ruin.  Interacting with deceased souls and items in the ruin, Man Without Organs retrieves and restores pre-apocalyptic memories of the city, eventually getting to the bottom of why the city has been destroyed.  By taking in memories, Man Without Organs comforts the deceased in the ruin and relieves the place from remembrances.
Man without organ

Man Without Organs

“Man Without Organs” is inspired by the concept “body without Organs” by French philosopher Deleuze, which means “body without an image”.  Philosophically, it implies freedom and a gathering flow. In my game Man Without Organs acts as a platform and container of memory. As the protagonist of the game, it can absorb the residual memories to grant them freedom.  At the same time, the ruin is granted new life as it has been cleansed.  When exploring the ruin, the player will get to the bottom of the reason behind the fall of the city, the final whereabouts of the citizens and how Man Without Organs is born.


By interacting with the items left behind in the ruin, Man Without Organs travels to different times, where it collects memories and control the time within, forming a unique narrative mechanism — An interactive story, fragmented and non-linear.


Key Feature in English
“ Take my weight, free me from those memories
Let time flows, flowers blossom once again
In a world without us ”
Game animation in Man Without Organ
Solving Riddles in English
Deceased souls wander in the ruin where remnants scatter.  Man Without Organs allows different characters to interact with the remnants by integrating itself with their souls.  Only when the characters match the items belonging to them will the memories be available for viewing.  By viewing the memories, leads which help putting stories back together will be revealed, thus helping the player to access the main story arc.
Viewing Memories in English
In the game, the player can view the memories collected, with the abilities to fast-forward, rewind, pause and continue viewing.  Every single detail in the memories could be the key to solving riddles.
Game animation in Man Without Organ
Game animation in Man Without Organ
Time Travelling in English
The story of “Man Without Organs” begins in a ruined city.  However, almost every single scene has multiple points in the past back to which the player can travel.  Through the memories belonging to the deceased souls and various items, the player can journey through different periods before the city has fallen and learn of what happened in the time.
Game Section in English
Man Without Organs not only can restore the memories, but also become part of them by playing the roles of certain characters.  If the characters possess memories of an item, Man Without Organs will be able to dive into the memory.
Game animation in Man Without Organ
Why Kickstarter
Kickstarter for the game support
“ The Memories were light at first, but every time it repeat themself it grows heavier
as if they earn its own life, detached from its long gone master. ”    
Currently, I am the only developer of “Man Without Organs”.  The only source of capital has been my savings.  Capital and talents are essential in order to enhance game quality, as well as to make it available on more platforms and in more languages.  Therefore, it is hoped that a Kickstarter campaign can attract fundings and more game developers, together with whom I can set “Man Without Organs” apart.


I highly appreciate help and comments in any form from anyone.  If you have any suggestions or even any proposals on working together, you are more than welcome to contact me in the ways mentioned in this page.
Who Am I in English
However, the world has been destroyed.  There is no hope of rebirth — But please remember me, or at least take all our memories with you, because they are proof that we once lived, and the only way to reconciliation between the deceased and the world.
Empty Chair of Game Author
I am Navi.  I used to be a game designer in Hong Kong.  Seeking protection, I came to North America in 2019 and was granted asylum the next year.  Since then, I have been leading a new life.


During my time working in the game industry back then in Hong Kong, I had been thinking about how to tell a story in a game.  In my opinion, each medium has its own ways to communicate with its audience, just like how those of music and drawings are different from each other.  As a medium, game has its unique ways to communicate.  Therefore I have been pondering over several questions — How do games communicate with their players?  How to tell a story if that has to be done in the form of a game?  How is it possible to present a game as a piece of art?


While the pandemic seems to be everlasting, I am adapting to my new life.  I feel so lucky that I have the absolute freedom and enough time to be engrossed in developing a new game myself just like how I had been longing for.
Screenshots in English
screenshot of game in Hong Kong police brutalities
screenshot of the game in Lion Rock Mountain
a game screenshot of an office
screenshot of game in Hong Kong
English (Canada)